Our Philosophy

A Clean and Natural Pond Can Be Simple!
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No need for Chemical Additives or Technical Gadgets.

Mother nature has been creating and maintaining ponds long before we were here.  Why fight nature and create difficult to maintain and costly ponds?  Maintain your pond the SIMPLE way

Keep our Water Safe

We must stop adding harmful chemicals to our water.  Water is so valuable to us and to our aquatic friends.  Your pond can be Simply Beautiful with no chemicals whatsoever!

A balanced ecosystem is the answer

The combination of flowing water, natural aquatic plants and ALL NATURAL water treatments will create a low maintenance, balanced ecosystem.

Our Story

We started building and maintaining ponds twenty – five years ago.  Back then, people would dig a hole, let it fill with water and then dump in chemicals in a futile and never ending cycle of frustration and unbalance.  After years of research, pond construction and pond maintenance we realized that fighting mother nature is not the way to go when it comes to water features.  Once we embraced Mother Nature’s way of balancing an ecosystem, we realized that having beautiful water quality has nothing to do with chemicals, filters and gadgets, it’s all about BALANCE!

Some Basic Pond Logic

I’m not a scientist, but I’ve done this long enough to know that it doesn’t take a scientist to care for a pond, it just takes a bit of logic, understanding and patience.  Once you get on the right side of Mother Nature, you can throw away your water test kit, because you will never need it again! 

Here’s the logic:  All water contains nutrients and algae needs nutrients and sunlight to thrive.  So, the more nutrients in our pond, the more algae.  Water run-off, debris, leaves, sticks, fish and frog poop, etc. all decay and add nutrients to our water.  Bacteria and enzymes work constantly, breaking down debris and consuming nutrients in the pond.  Any aquatic plant that is in our water consumes nutrients as it grows.  Barley straw decaying in our pond inhibits the growth of algae.

So…  Bacteria + Barley Bales + Aquatic Plants = Less Algae

Boy, that just sounds too Simple, doesn’t it?

Keep it simple – more logic

Humans tend to over complicate things.  We want immediate results and full control.  Guess what?  Nature simply doesn’t work that way.  Natural ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans have been on this earth long before we were and they took care of themselves just fine.

So, for many, many years, there were no pond chemicals, no test kits, no filter pads and nets to clean, no ozonators, no ph-balancers, no vortex filters, no chemical injectors and no uv sterilizers.  But, guess what….  the water was clean!

Why would you ever buy any of this junk and put it in your pond?  These products are better at emptying your pockets than improving your water quality.  Mother nature never needed any harsh chemicals or gadgets, why do we?

Water Circulation + Bacteria + Plants + Barley + Fish = Balance

Balance = Less Maintenance + Less Frustration + Less $ + More Enjoyment

The Simple Pond Solution is the Best Solution!

Coffee Bean

Healthy Pond

Coffee Bean

Happy Fish

Coffee Bean

Happy Frogs

Coffee Bean

Happy Humans

We are here to help you on your journey to creating and maintaining that naturally beautiful water feature that you have always dreamt of having in your backyard.  Don’t let years of misguided advice and misinformation cloud your judgement.  It is very possible to have beautiful and clean water without any chemicals .

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