Fountain Help

Fountains on a Simple Pond site?  What’s going on here?

Well, I tell you what, if you love the sights and sounds of water as much as we do, you are going to love having a fountain in your yard.  Now I’m not going to tell you that it is the same as a pond or waterfall, but it is moving water all the same.  And, it doesn’t get much more simple than these kits.  They are the easiest water feature installation that I have ever done, they are very easy to maintain and they can fit into any yard.  Whether you’ve already got a pond and are looking for another water feature, or if you’ve always dreamt of a pond, but didn’t have the room the budget or the willpower to install one, then these fountains might be right up your alley.  For a long time, I avoided fountains because they were low quality and not that attractive, but after much searching, I have found a collection of  fountains that are very unique, very attractive, high quality and easy to install.

Basalt Fountains

These fountains are made from natural Basalt which is a dense, crystalline, volcanic rock that is about 10% heavier than granite.  The  crust on the outside of the columns will have a patina that ranges from beige to red to black and will often contain a variety of colors. The inside of the basalt is black and polishes up to a rich luster. Like the stone fountains above, they are very easy to install  and maintain.

Vase Fountains

These fountains are crafted from natural clay and each and every one is unique because they are hand finished.  If you have been looking for a stunning centerpiece and you weren’t sure about the natural stone, these vase fountains might just be a fit for your more formal areas.

Copper Fountains

These fountains are all handcrafted from copper and are quite delicate and eye-catching.  The water flow of these fountains is more like a gentle rain than a strong rush, bringing the fountain to life like no other fountain that you’ve seen.  Artistic water features such as these are very rare indeed. Bringing one of these unique, one of a kind beauties into your landscape is sure to bring your garden to life.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fountains

GFRC fountains have become popular due to their light weight and economical price when compared to natural stone fountains.  The molds for these fountains are made from actual rocks, so they are very realistic looking and much lighter than natural stone.

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