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Pond Pump Basics

Choosing the proper pond pump has always been a tricky procedure, even for pond professionals. Our first instinct is to just choose a pump based on the amount of flow that we want. For instance, many people use the rule that it is good to have 1500 gallons per hour (gph), per foot of spillway. So, if you wanted a waterfall that is two feet wide, you would want a 3000 gph pump. Other people will...

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Spring is potentially the most important season of the year for your pond or waterfall.  This is the time of year that you set the stage for how your pond will treat you over the summer.  I understand that it is still cold out and maybe you aren't thinking much about your pond, but maybe you should be. First things first, it's been a long cold winter for your fish, so you should, at the very...

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If there is one thing that I know for certain, it is that most pond owners that I have met are really over thinking, over treating and over working for their pond. This is supposed to be fun, not hard and confusing. My intention is to le this website guide you to the easy way to maintain your pond. We wont be using the latest gadgets and chemical additives, these things are all very short lived...

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