Triple Column Fountain Kit


  • Small 18″, Medium 24″ and Large 28″ Column Rocks
  • Column rocks vary in diameter from 16″-18″
  • Extra Large Basin
  • 3200gph IllumiFlow Pump
  • Pump Sock, 1.5″ flex hose, ball valve and required fittings
  • Polished Pebbles not included, but are available – 240 lbs. recommended
  • Easy to install

Column Fountains are extremely unique by design and deliver more than just bubbling water. Our “custom fountains” are designed for water to fall with expression and flow can be adjusted to disguise the sounds of your busy neighborhood or with a more elegant soothing tone for a more tranquil setting. Column fountains create wonderful curb appeal with zero liability in front yard landscapes because there is no standing water.  They provide soul soothing tranquility in backyard living spaces, too.  Each fountain is molded from real stone and made of durable GRFC concrete, giving them a very natural look and texture. The quality construction ensures many years of durability yet weighs hundreds of pounds less than identical “real” stone.  Your guests won't know that these aren't real stone.  Easy to install, just dig the hole, set the basin level, assemble the tubing and set the rocks.  This is an awesome looking fountain that can be tucked right up against your patio or in the corner near your front door.  Start to finish installation in one afternoon.

Additional information

Rock Color

Chestnut, Dapple Gray


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