Floating or Sinking Pond Heater – 1500 watt


  • 1500 watt floating or sinking pond heater
  • Can be set to sink or float
  • Keeps a hole open in the ice for the winter months
  • 12′ cord length
  • 2 year warranty

This is a floating or sinking pond heater.  Plug it in and let it float in the water over winter to keep a hole open in the ice or let it sink and heat the water over your pump chamber if you have a wet well intake that you want to run for the winter.  We have used these heaters with good success for clients who keep their wet well/wetland ponds running for the winter.  A hole should be kept open over winter to let the gasses escape from the decaying debris in your pond.  Operates when needed based on pond water temperature.  We have used these in the past and still use these for some clients who like to keep their pond running over our Wisconsin winter.  Because this is a 1500 watt heater, it does a fairly good job, but uses a lot of electricity.  If it would run 24 hours per day it would cost me around $3.60 per day here in Wisconsin.  From my experience, it is rare to have a pond heater last more than 3 seasons.  We prefer to use bottom aeration pumps and diffusers as they are much more long lasting, dependable and they continue to pump air under the water no matter what the temperature.


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