Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue 4 oz


  • This is 4 ounces of Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue
  • Absolutely the best PVC glue that we have ever used when gluing flex PVC
  • You really don’t need glue this good when you are gluing up regular schedule 35 or schedule 40 PVC
  • Save the good stuff for when you glue up the flex PVC
  • Will work on regular PVC also
  • Includes applicator brush in the can
  • Does not require the use of primer
  • Medium body, very fast set
  • All classes and Schedules thru 6″ diameter interference fit (Schedule 80 through 4″)
  • Can be used without primer if local codes permit for non-pressure systems up to 6″ and pressure systems below 4″
  • Definitely Blue in color.
  • Works in wet conditions

We started using Christy's years ago and have never looked back.  You will not find a better glue for flex PVC anywhere.  We still use the standard PVC glues when we glue up standard rigid schedule 40 or schedule 35 piping, but never when we glue flex.  Don't fool yourself into thinking you can use the stuff that you buy off the shelf at your local hardware store.  It won't work well.  I don't care what body you get or if you get the blue stuff that says it is for wet weather, it doesn't matter.  Nothing holds a candle to Christy's for flex PVC. Be aware that gluing flex pvc is not like gluing standard rigid pvc.  The flex never really sets up as tight as the rigid.  When you are gluing flex, let it sit and cure for a long time without moving the pipe so that it sets deep and well.  Never use shallow pvc couplers with flex pvc.  Always take care to cut the flex as square as possible to ensure a deep seat.


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