2 Inch Flex PVC – 100ft roll


  • 100′ of 2″ ID Flex PVC piping
  • Great for pond installations
  • Cuts down on needed couplers
  • Reduced friction due to smooth flowing curves rather than tight coupler turns.
  • Resistant to cracking due to the flexibility
  • Tough and crush resistant, but not crush proof.  As with any PVC, do not drive over it.
  • Can be coupled with schedule 40 PVC fittings
  • Only use deep fittings for best results
  • Only use Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue for best results.

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This is a 100' roll of 2" flex pvc.  This is top quality flex with the white plastic rib coiled through it for strength.  Flex pvc should only be coupled using deep couplers and Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue or it won't hold.  This pipe can be coupled with schedule 40 couplers.  Always unroll this pipe and let it lay stretched out in the sun for a while before working with it, especially on cold days.  Do not drive over this pipe with a car or any equipment.  Lay this pipe so that it is flat or pitched back to the pump so that it will drain out before winter to avoid freezing tight.  Be cautious wherever this pipe might cross and old trench.  If it settles into a low spot over time, it could hold water and then crack over winter.  We bury this pipe very shallow, just below the surface so that repairs are easy.

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Weight 70 lbs


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