Matala HK-M 100/150 Magnet


  • Fits Hakko 100 and 150 Aeration pumps
  • Hakko 150 needs 2 sets
  • The magnet is the part that moves back and forth with the diaphragm.
  • Also called the actuating armature.
  • It holds the diaphragm secure and vice-versa.
  • Typically the magnet is very long lasting.
  • Running the air pump with bad diaphragms for extended periods can wear the magnet.
  • If you open the motor for repair and you find dust or small metal particles you may need to replace the magnet.
  • Always inspect the magnet for wear and tear when you replace your diaphragms.
  • They are very easy to replace.

Notice of Product Change.

Affects magnets for HK 80L/80LH and HK 120L/120LH air pumps.

In order to improve the lifetime of the rubber diaphragms, Matala has designed a new magnet that will reduce the amount of heat in the air pump. This new magnet will only affect newer model air pumps HK-80LH and HK-120LH starting from January 2015. Air pumps older than 2015 will continue to use the original magnet.

The color of the knob on top of the unit will differentiate between the two styles. Hakko air pumps with a black knob will use the original magnet HK-M60/80 or HK-M120. Hakko air pumps with a gray knob will use the new magnet HK-M80H or HK-M120H.

When ordering a magnet for these four models, HK80L, HK80LH and HK120L, HK120LH please note:

HK-80L with serial numbers up to 811155 will use the magnet HK-M60/80. Black Knob.
HK-80LH with serial numbers starting 811156 forward will use the magnet HK-M80H. Gray Knob.
HK-120L with serial numbers up to M121572 will use the magnet HK-M120. Black Knob.
HK-120LH serial numbers starting M121573 will use the magnet HK-M120H. Gray Knob.


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