Pond Foam Applicator


  • Steel pond foam gun
  • Professional quaity
  • Adjustable flow and trigger
  • Always keep a pressurized can on the gun to avoid clogging

This is the type of pond foam gun that we use to foam our waterfalls when needed.  This gun is made of steel.  It is meant to be used with the 24oz Black foam cartridges.  The cartridge can screws on to the top of the gun and must remain on the gun to avoid clogging.  Always keep a pressurized cartridge on the gun and keep the shut off screw set tight when not in use to avoid clogging.  Be aware that pond foam is very sticky and very hard to remove from anything that it touches.  Pond foam expands as it cures, so always use this foam sparingly.  Most new pond builders use 3 to 4 times as much foam as they need.  We use it very little and only when it is really needed to force water up and over rocks rather than under.  I would build the waterfall and then sparingly shoot some foam into the largest voids to direct the water.  Never use foam to keep the water in the stream.  The water must be contained with rubber.  Foam is only used to direct the water, not contain it.


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