Matala MEA Lake Pro 4C


1 acre to 4 acre pond aeration kit

  • Includes:
    • (1) MPC-200C; 3/4Hp Rocking Piston Compressor
    • (1) Inlet air filter
    • (4) Rubber mounting feet
    • (1) Oil filled pressure gauge
    • (1) Pressure relief valve
    • (4) Heat protective hoses and couplers
    • (1) 4-way valve manifold
    • 400 feet of 3/8″ heavy duty self-sinking non-kinking air hose.
    • (4) Air bases with 9″ air disc diffusers
    • (1) Heavy duty, outdoor, locking cabinet with self-standing lid hinge, weatherproof vents, tubing pop-outs, elevated base, cooling fan and outlet.
    • 2-year warranty

1 - 4 Acre Aeration Kit
This is our complete aeration package for lakes up to 4 acres

Compressor Details: MPC200C – 3/4hp. The rocking piston aeration pump is dependable and builds good pressure. It is oil-less, has permanently lubricated bearings and has a non-lube piston and cylinder.  The cylinder is hard coated for wear resistance.  The compressor is designed for 24hr operation.  The head design allows for easy replacement of the piston seal.

Diffuser Details: MDB11 These are 8.75” diameter EPDM rubber membrane air disc diffusers on hollow plastic bases that are meant to be filled with sand or gravel for weight.  The diffusers have the lowest back pressure of any disc on the market and have I-shaped slits which open when air flow is present and close when air flow stops which allows them to be self-cleaning and helps prevent backflow into your air lines.

This system is very easy to install.  Simply fill the diffuser bases with sand or gravel, attache the diffusers, attach the air hose to the diffuser, lower it into your pond where you want it and run the hose back to the shore to hook it up to your compressor.

As with any aeration system, the cabinet must be set higher than pond level and installed in an area where it will never be submerged in water.  If you must locate the pump in an area prone to flooding, it should be raised off the ground to a level high enough to avoid submersion.  The post-mounted cabinet should be considered for ease of mounting when in a flood prone area.  Hose runs should be as short as possible.  More distance means more friction and less air.  Do not bury this cabinet


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