Simple Pond 5x Natural Bacteria Packets


  • Sold per 1/2 pound packet in light plastic bags to save on shipping cost.
  • Buy as few or as many as you’d like.
  • Super concentrated 5x doses in easy to use packets.
  • Reduces: Maintenance, Debris, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Sludge, Odor, and Debris.
  • Increases: Fish Health, Water Clarity, Oxygen Levels, Pond Balance, Water Quality, and Happiness.
  • Just toss the packets in the water and they will dissolve.
  • Do not get the packets wet prior to using them.

These are super concentrated 1/2 pound doses of pond bacteria in an easy to apply and convenient water soluble packet. Just toss the packets in the water and the bag will dissolve in the water. Don't open the packet and don't get the packets wet before you go to use them.  A special blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and barley created to keep your pond clean and clear. We don’t like calculating gallons and measuring things any more than you do, so we keep it simple.  This is 100% natural bacteria, you will never add too much.  If your pond is the size of your car add 1 packet per week over the summer, anywhere in the pond.  Don’t open the packet, just toss it in the water. You may want to double that amount first thing in spring to boost the natural ecosystem.  If your pond is half that size, use half as much. If your pond is twice that size use twice as much.  Pretty darn simple! If you have a big pond, you should apply a minimum of 8 packets per acre, spread around the pond, per week that it isn’t frozen. If your pond is old and mucky, you can easily double that amount. If you have relatively clean water and a healthy pond full of aquatic plants, you may need much less bacteria.


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