1″ Bulkhead Fitting


  • 1″ Black Poly Bulkhead Fitting
  • Used for waterfall or pump boxes to connect the hosing
  • We use these to relieve ground water pressure in spring (see notes below)
  • Includes double threaded inside fitting, rubber washer, plastic washer and lock nut.
  • Lock nut is reverse threaded.
  • The inner threads are 1″ FPT

This is a 1" black poly bulkhead fitting.  Bulkhead fittings are often used to connect piping to rubber or to connect piping to waterfall and pump boxes depending on the manufacturer.  The fitting is actually 4 parts.  One is threaded inside and out and it is the piece that goes through the hole in the rubber or box with a rubber washer between this part and the box or rubber.  Then a plastic washer and lock nut go on the other side.  Always use the rubber washer on the side that the water is on.  You will need two large channel lock pliers or a really strong grip to get this tight, but be careful not to split the nut or crank it so tight that the rubber twists out of the fitting.  The nut is reverse threaded.  We use this 1" fitting in conjunction with a 1" plug when we need to pierce the rubber liner on a pond that has a high water table in the spring.  This allows us to pierce the rubber at the bottom of the pond to release the water pressure and then we just screw in the plug when we finish the clean out and fill the pond.  It works well.


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