Simple Pond Sinking Bacteria Muck Reducing Tablets


– Price is per pound.
– Sold in bulk, in a bag to save shipping weight.
– Natural sinking bacteria tablets.
– Reduces pond muck and odors.
– Reduces nutrients in the pond.
– Less nutrients = Less algae.
– Can be used to spot treat areas around docks or along shorelines.
– Apply at least 20 pounds per acre of pond every month.

These natural sinking bacteria tablets contain a blend of beneficial pond bacteria that can perform in water temperatures as high as 110 F, and as low as 35 F and are great for reducing the muck on the bottom of your pond whether you have a large pond of multiple acres, or a small backyard pond of a few square feet. These tablets sink to the bottom and dissolve in your pond water, so there is no mess and no cleanup. The natural bacteria in these tablets will work hard to break down the debris and muck that gets into your pond. Less muck in the pond will mean less nutrients in the pond. Less nutrients in the pond will mean less algae. This pond bacteria formulation will also naturally eliminate murky water, excess fish food, fish wastes, odors, problem nutrients (such as nitrate and phosphate) and toxins (such as ammonia and nitrite).
Many people use these tablets to help rejuvenate old ponds with thick muck layers. The more bacteria you put in your pond, the more quickly the muck will be broken down, you can never harm fish, animals or plants with these tablets. The bacteria colonize in the pond feeding on the nutrients and muck. Most people add somewhere in the ballpark of 20 pounds of tablets per acre of pond surface per month as a minimum. You could easily double that for a mucky pond, and adding it more often will only help. For a small backyard pond, maybe a 1/4 or 1/2 pound every couple of weeks will do the trick.


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