Pond Net Tent – 13′ x 17′


  • One 13′ x 17′ netted pond tent
  • 3/8″ black nylon mesh
  • Fiberglass slide together tent poles for support.
  • Best if installed by two people
  • 10-15 minute install
  • Easy break down for storage
  • Includes stakes, netting, storage pouch and instructions.

This is a 13' x 17' pond net tent.  It is easy to assemble and comes with everything that you need to protect your pond from predators and leaves.  I am not a big fan of pond netting and have never used it myself, because as a pond contractor, I have seen it used badly so many times.  Please never ever buy the cheap pond netting without the fiberglass poles and lay it over your pond, stream or waterfall.  Many, many clients have done this in many different ways and I have never seen it done successfully.  No matter how much bracing or staking they do, it ends up weighted down by leaves and in the pond water.  At that point, they can no longer lift the heavy wet leaves out of their pond, so they call us to do it and it is a terrible mess.  The netting, stakes and leaves all come out in one terrible torn mess and get thrown away.  This pond tent is the only way that I would ever suggest pond netting because it is supported by fiberglass tent poles so that it sheds all leaves and debris.  If you use one of these, please be sure to remove it before winter so that the snow does not crush it down into the pond.


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